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New England Dobermans is a family owned and operated European Doberman Breeding Company based in Middleton, MA. We raise, breed, and train high quality Dobermans that have ambitious drive, strong protection skills, and who will be loving companions to you and your family. Our Dobermans are AKC registered and come with a two-year health guarantee.

Sire: Zelandi’s Arch Bishop


Our sire, Bishop, is one of the most beautiful male Dobermans we have seen, but obviously we are biased. He has a darker muzzle that makes him look intimidating, but he is far from it with his family. He is a 107 pound lap dog, but will protect those he loves with endless endurance. His body is made up of lean, rock hard muscle. Bishop has a remarkable temperament. He knows when it is time to play and when it is time to work. Smart, loyal, and fearless, Bishop’s offspring will produce puppies nothing short of brute strength.

Dam: Zelandi’s Saving Grace


As our oldest female, Grace, is the matriarch of New England Dobermans. She is always aiming to please and eager to show off her skills. Our most energetic working dog, Grace loves to work with our trainer to maintain a level of superiority. Her facial features are stunning, and though she may not be our largest female, she is protective and fearless. Grace’s offspring will offer active and beautiful puppies that will make wonderful family friends.

Dam: Zelandi’s Bella Dona


Sedona is our Russian Princess. Born in Russia to one of the most affluent Doberman Kennels, Altobello Kennels, Sedona comes from a bloodline of pure excellence. The direct daughter of International World Champion, Maxim di Altobello, our Bella Dona is nothing short of breathtaking. Sedona comes from the last natural born litter of Maxim di Altobello. Her coat is soft and luxurious, and her coloring and facial features are that of royalty. Sedona isn’t as heavy as our sire, but she compares in height and muscle. Her pups will be beautiful and docile, just like their mother.

Dam: Zelandi’s Karma Geddon


Karma is our youngest female. Though she may be small, she is mighty, for sure. She is the most fearless out of all our dogs. Karma is ruthless during her protection training. Her stamina and drive compare to none. While both of our other females are rust and tan colored, Karma is a brilliant silver and blue Doberman. Her eyes are the color of sapphires and they complement her coat perfectly. Though Karma is a beast when it comes to training, she is loyal and loving. Karma’s puppies will be driven, both mentally and physically, and provide the ultimate protection for you and your family.



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